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Yet again an impressive set of results

Date Posted: Tuesday 15 August 2023

This year’s IGCSE and A levels results are just out, and this year the results worldwide have dropped compared to pre-pandemic levels. Despite this, yet again we have achieved an impressive set of results. As a group, we have exceeded 450 entries for IGCSE, and around half of our grades were either A* or A. In comparison, the figure for the United Kingdom was 21.60%.

We are incredibly proud that the Value Added (VA) result for our 2022/23 ABQ Graduates continues the positive trend, with our Level students achieving an incredible +1.13 grades higher on average than forecast, and our IGCSE students achieving on average +0.76 higher on average than forecast. This is dwarfed by the Value Added in our AS exams, where the average for our three schools was 1.60.

This means that, on average, in addition to a student’s aptitude for learning, the ABQ experience improved each student’s outcome by between +0.76 and +1.60 of a grade in EACH exam taken. In total, as a group, we have added an astonishing value of 587 grades to our students’ performances, compared with what they would be expected to get in a standard school. This is a true testament to the quality of our personalised approach to teaching and learning as well as the dedication of our teachers and students.




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