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Our goal for ABQ students is the acquisition of relevant knowledge, suitable skills, and the ‘can do’ attitudes necessary to continuously learn and adapt in a rapidly changing world.

We believe that one of our fundamental strengths is our diverse student body and with close to 40 nationalities represented, it is genuinely exciting, stimulating and enlightening to be part of such a rich cultural mix.

It even improves communication and thought-processing skills. Students are presented with daily opportunities to interact with people of various backgrounds, which enables them to learn to communicate more effectively and often differently than they are previously accustomed to.

Students leave our care with confidence – both intellectually and socially, aware of the world around them, respectful of others, and ready to meet the challenges of the next stages in their education and in their lives.

No of Students 3200
Ages 2-18
Nationalities 64
Average years with ABQ 6.3
Male to Female   55% : 45%
Local / International 74% : 26%
Meals served yearly 1.3m
Average class size 22

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