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ABQ welcomes you to the future of learning, today. Whilst we focus on the students in front of us, our eyes are always on the way forward. We are continuously searching for ways to better prepare our students for the journey ahead and identifying the skills required to be competitive in a global economy. ABQ was at the forefront of hybrid-based education when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Oman. We were the first to offer Chromebooks to every student to ensure uninterrupted learning, facilitated in the most effective manner. Our goal for the students is the acquisition of relevant knowledge, suitable skills, and the ‘can do’ attitude necessary to continuously learn and adapt in a rapidly changing world. This approach will remain, irrespective of the mode of delivery, whether it be face-to-face, live online or hybrid learning. We are prepared!

We have a proud record of academic and extra-curricular successes.

Education delivered by competent and engaged educators.

We care deeply about all our stakeholders.

Discovering You Program (DYP)

Our cutting-edge Discovering You Program (DYP) provides students with the necessary guidance and support to choose and plan their tertiary education and career options, as well as the opportunity to learn and master 12 vital 21st Century Skills (21CS). This personalised education and mentoring program produces a holistic picture of each child’s academic and non-academic capabilities, whilst also identifying specific areas for potential growth and development. DYP provides a 360° platform for students and parents to engage with mentors in order to create a dynamic plan for each student’s future.

SIS has played a pivotal role in the academic success of our daughters. As parents, we are excited to witness the school’s continuous endeavours to improve its service and be among the best in the world. We anxiously look forward to be a part of this noble journey by performing our role and wish the SIS family the best in years to come.

Muhammad Saleem

Parent at Sohar International School

A warm, nurturing environment for our children to be their best selves. It is the perfect place to send your child if you want them to receive a well rounded education. I’ve also found my childrens interests vastly broadening. They’ve become dedicated to causes like saving the environment and helping the poor.

Hiba Badhawi

Parent at Sohar International School

SIS is a wonderful school with an innovative, responsible and caring teaching environment. They appreciate the child’s strength and help them improve their weakness. My daughter developed communication skills and social skills and become more confident since I joined school three years ago. She loves her teachers and classmates and enjoys going to school every day.

Khaleel Alnajjar

Parent at Sohar International School

I want you to let you know how grateful we are to have such a great teachers for our children. The teaching style really engages the kids and gets them pumped up and excited about learning. Thank you for teaching our children, educating them and empowering them. And thank you for listening to us.

Moza Al Mawali

Parent at Azzan Bin Qais School

I’m sending “A Big Thank you” to all secondary staff including teachers, Head of subjects and key stage heads. They are doing a great job in teaching, helping and guiding our children. Please do keep up the excellent work.

Marwa Al Kalbani

Parent at Azzan Bin Qais School

Engaging Learning

Our educational philosophy differentiates us. At ABQ schools, we aim for an optimal blend of teacher-driven and student-led learning, using both the Cambridge and GED curricula. We are firm believers in cultivating independent thoughts and innovation, and academic excellence is paramount to us. ABQ has invested significantly in securing best-in-class resources to develop a market-leading educational philosophy and delivery model. Our unique model ensures that best practices are implemented across all three schools, to the benefit of our students.

Latest News

نتمنى لكم ولأسرتكم الكريمة الأمان والفرح والصحة والعافية بمناسبة عيد الفطر المبارك.

عيد فطر سعيد

Wishing you and your family peace, joy, good health and prosperity on this beautiful occasion of Eid.

Eid Mubarak

#عيد_مبارك #عيد_الفطر_المبارك #eidmubarak #eidmubarak2022 #eidulfitr

اليوم هو يوم الصحة العالمي، العناية بالبيئة هي طريقة رائعة لإظهار اهتمامنا وتقديرنا لها. لدينا كوكب واحد فقط دعونا نحميه!

Today is World Health Day. Looking after the environment is a great way to show that we care and appreciate it. We only have one planet. Let's protect it!

#worldhealthday #health #healthday #stayhealthy #abqeducationgroup

مع اقتراب شهر الرحمات والغفران
نتمنى لكم ولأحبائكم رمضان آمناً مباركاً وعملا متقبلا! رمضان مبارك!

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe, blessed and happy Ramadan! Ramadan Mubarak!

#RamadanKareem #RamadanMubarak

We celebrated the beauty of motherhood with a unique and touching student art exhibition at the fascinating Bait Al Zubair Museum in Old Muscat.

احتفلت مجموعة ABQ التعليمية بجمال الأمومة في معرض فني طلابي فريد ومؤثر في متحف بيت الزبيرالباهر في مسقط القديمة.


#ABQ #ABQschools #abqeducationgroup #mothersday

Earth Hour is a symbolic action to show that you are willing to reduce your overall footprint. The intent behind Earth Hour is not just about turning off lights for an hour; it is to remind us of our responsibility towards environmental conservation. Make a difference by switching off all non-essential lights between 8:30PM and 9:30PM today.

#CONNECT2EARTH #ChangeTheEnding #abqeducationgroup

To all our ABQ mothers, we wish you happiness, health and all things good in the world. The world is truly a better place because you are in it. Happy Mother's Day!
إلى جميع أمهات ABQ ، نتمنى لكن السعادة والصحة وكل شئ جيد في هذه الحياة. العالم أفضل بوجودكن.
يوم أم سعيد


أطيب التمنيات بمناسبة ذكرى الإسراء والمعراج

Best wishes on the occasion of Isra'a Wal Mi'raj

#abqeducationgroup #israawalmiraj #الاسراءوالمعراج

Teachers impact student outcomes far beyond test scores: they provide them with life skills and foster positive attitudes. Thank you, teachers, we appreciate you!

#teachersday #omaniteachersday #يوم_المعلم_العماني #abqeducationgroup #learning #teachers #education #teaching

There are approximately 6,500 languages in the world and today we celebrate the beauty of multiple languages.

#internationalmotherlanguageday #diversity #internationaleducation #abqeducationgroup

We provide learning support to ensure no child is left behind.

Our best in class facilities are purpose built and fully equipped.

Our curricula is world-class and makes every student to move forward.

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