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Quiet quitting

Date Posted: Wednesday 04 January 2023

Many things stood out last year, and with that, 2022 gave us the expression “quiet quitting”. The term refers to ‘quitting the idea of going above and beyond’ at work. Quiet quitting, in other words, is not really about quitting. It’s more like a philosophy for doing the bare minimum at your job. The effort, hard work and perseverance might therefore be out of fashion, whereas coasting is in, where one expects to progress or succeed without any effort or difficulty.

Why this recent enthusiasm for quiet quitting? It is presumably a combination of several factors. It probably says something about the post-pandemic spirit of our time. With a tight labour market and an ongoing battle over the preservation and expansion of remote work, high job security and multiple job options for employees ensued.

However, there are no sustainable shortcuts to success. At ABQ we have, over time, developed a culture of commitment to, and care for, our students and parents. This is a culture we are proud of and that we will continue to cultivate.

We can also find a parallel to “quiet quitting” amongst students, where the comparable version would be students who put no more effort into their studies than absolutely necessary. In fact, it might just be so that this phenomenon has existed much longer amongst students.

At ABQ we are proud of the efforts of our staff to ensure students are doing whatever it takes to achieve their targets. Still, let me remind all our candidate students, whether GED, IGCSE or A level, of the following:

You have around 6 months left until your exams are done for the year. However, you have 50 years left to your retirement. That equals 600 months. If we convert this to a 30 cm ruler, from now until the end of June 2023 equals 3 millimetres. The remaining 297 millimetres mainly consist of your working life. You can choose to do the needful for 3 mm and create a good foundation for the following 297 mm of your lives. Alternatively, you can waste the next 3 mm, but then you are in for a rough ride for the next 297 mm.

All the best for your next 300 mm!

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