Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are a group of awards issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education. They recognize exceptional learner achievement in Cambridge examinations around the world. The primary purpose of these awards is to celebrate and recognize the success of high-performing Cambridge learners. SIS has been fortunate enough to receive 14 of these Awards over the last 2 years. This makes us the school in Oman that has received the most awards over this period.

2018/2019 High Achievers Awards

AS Level:

Top in Oman Awards:


image 7

Marena Amir Mikhaiel – Biology, Chemistry

image 7.2

Caitlin Datu – English Language

image 7.3

Zaid Yasser Selim – Biology, Chemistry, ICT, Mathematics and Physics


BSME Ed Goodwin award: in 2018/19 academic year one of our students Taqwa Salah Al Maawali received this award for outstanding community service.

UI 9 MSSL Associate Members Champions 2018/2019. UI 9 Boys Football. Our UI 9 boys won the Muscat UI 9 Associate Members Championship. This highly competitive tournament gave our footballers an excellent opportunity to showcase their talents.

Highest Score in Oman Cambridge A2 English Literature 2017/2018. Dahlia AdilTaqi achieved the highest grade in Oman for A2 English Literature.

Excellent External Exams Results

Year Exam Body Name Level Award Subject
2016 Edexcel Rawa Khalil Ibrahim Al Kalbani GCE 6th Highest mark in the world Arabic
Rawa Khalil Ibrahim Al Kalbani GCE Highest mark in Oman Arabic
2016 Edexcel Shams Mohammed Ibrahim Al Musawi GCSE Outstanding Achievement Certificate 4A*2A
Murtad ha Hashim Hameed Zainy GCSE Outstanding Achievement Certificate 3A*2A
Zainab Nisar Ahmed GCSE Outstanding Achievement Certificate 3A*1A
Ibrahim Abdullah Rashid Al Mandhari GCSE Outstanding Achievement Certificate 2A*2A
Mohammed Zahid Al Mandhari GCSE Outstanding Achievement Certificate 1A*3A
Haya Tahreem Jamil GCSE Outstanding Achievement Certificate 4A
Aws Sami Sulaiman Al Farsi GCSE Outstanding Achievement Certificate 4A
2017 Pearson Emmalina Tang Min Binte Elias Tang IGCSE Outstanding Pearson Learner Award Geography
(Highest Mark in Oman)
2016 Cambridge Ezwan Hakimi Arbi IGCSE Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award Malay
(Highest Mark in Oman)
2016 Cambridge Dahlia Adil Mohd Hassan Taqi AS Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award Literature in English
(Highest Mark in Oman)



Fajer Al Balushi, Malik El Droghi, Ali Al Siyabi and Omar Al Yahyai from ASIS took the first place in the MOE National Scientific Competition! The competition pitted 56 schools from around the Sultanate in head to head question rounds on English, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science topics, with final of the event broadcast live on Oman TV! It is worth mentioning that ASIS has won the 1st place in this competition for the second time as it also won the first place at the Second MOE Scientific Competition in the year (2015-2016).

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