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ABQ Seeb student wins regional award

Date Posted: Saturday 23 July 2022

Anabia Raqueebuddin, a Grade 5 student at ABQ Seeb International School, was awarded the BSME (British Schools in the Middle East) Ed Goodwin Award for Exceptional Service.

The award is named in honour of Mr Ed Goodwin OBE, who had been BSME Chairperson for 12 years. To ensure that his commitment to service is honoured and continued, the BSME Ed Goodwin Award for Exceptional Service is an annual award recognising the exceptional contributions of students in BSME schools to their local or global community.

Throughout the school year, many students in BSME schools devote their time and resources to service. This service takes on many forms, however, the underlying principle is clear: the award recipients are all committed to serving others.

The awards are presented at the BSME Annual Conference to Head Teachers, who then receive the awards on the students’ behalf. Anabia’s award was presented during the recent BSME Conference in Dubai.

Anabia was nominated by her teacher, Ms Vaishali Arora. Arora explained: “Technology literacy is one of many 21st century skills our students learn as part of ABQ’s unique Discovering You Programme. I was aware that Anabia made fantastic videos on a specific digital video creation and editing application and asked her to teach me how to use the platform.”

Anabia said, “I was very excited to have an opportunity to teach a teacher. I wanted her to be able to refer back to my explanations, so I decided to create a tutorial video on how to produce or edit a video using this specific computer programme. I won this award because of my creativity, but also because of my amazing teacher who recognised my talent and encouraged me to share my knowledge with others.”

The teacher shared the tutorial video with some of her other students and they all started creating their own videos for various academic subjects. Whenever a student got stuck or required further guidance with the programme, Anabia assisted them during break time.

The school principal, Mr Sharl Prinsloo, is also extremely proud of Anabia’s success and said, “This is a perfect example of mastering the 21st century skills of creativity, communication, collaboration, information literacy, technology literacy, flexibility, leadership, initiative, productivity, as well as social skills, which all form part of ABQ’s Discovering You Programme.”

The Discovering You Programme (DYP) provides a platform for students and parents to engage with experienced mentors to create a dynamic plan for each student’s future.

ABQ has developed this two-part (Grades 3-7 and 8-12) market-leading mentorship programme with a focus on 21st century skills, educational goal setting and career guidance.

This personalised education and mentoring programme produces a holistic picture of each student’s academic and non-academic capabilities, whilst also identifying specific areas for potential growth and development.

ABQ Seeb International School forms part of the ABQ Education Group, the largest international school operator in Oman. The other schools in their portfolio are ABQ Azzan Bin Qais International School and ABQ Sohar International School.

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