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ABQ revolutionises sports education in the Sultanate of Oman

Date Posted: Monday 29 May 2023

ABQ Education Group has taken the lead in revolutionising sports education by introducing on-campus Padel courts at two of their premium international schools recently. Padel is a racquet sport that is like tennis but played on a smaller court with walls around it and ABQ Azzan Bin Qais and ABQ Seeb are the first schools in Oman to introduce on-campus Padel facilities.

ABQ Education Group Chairman, Al Zubair Muhammad Al Zubair said, “Along with being a leader in international school education, ABQ also aims to be the frontrunner for school sporting activities. The introduction of on-campus Padel courts at ABQ Azzan Bin Qais and ABQ Seeb is a significant step towards modernising sports education in Oman. ABQ’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education that includes physical activity and sports is commendable, and the introduction of the Padel courts is a testament to that.”

The ABQ courts have been built to international standards and are equipped with the latest technology. The schools are also in the process of hiring trained coaches who will teach the students the basics of the sport and help them hone their skills.

Humayun Kabir, ABQ Education Group Chief Executive Officer, said,” ABQ recognises the need to provide their students with a variety of sports options as part of their holistic offering and has taken the initiative to introduce a sport that is gaining popularity worldwide. Padel is an easy sport to learn, making it an ideal option for students of all ages who may have never played a racquet sport before.”

Playing Padel has several benefits, both physical and mental. It provides a great cardiovascular workout and helps in improving hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and agility. Padel also aids in developing teamwork skills as it is played in doubles, and players need to coordinate with their partners to win.

ABQ students have expressed their excitement about learning a new sport and appreciate the schools’ efforts in providing them with state-of-the-art facilities. Several ABQ students already play competitive Padel tennis, and some of them even compete for Oman’s national team.

Sports staff have also praised the initiative and recognise the potential of Padel in promoting teamwork and coordination among students, and even ABQ parents and staff may now take advantage of the conveniently located Padel facilities to stay active and have fun.

ABQ’s international schools are planning to introduce many more sports activities to their curricula and are continuously working towards improving their sports infrastructure. The Group has several plans for promoting sports education in the future.

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