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Southampton FC Academy

At ABQ, we pride ourselves in offering students a well-rounded education so that they can reach their full potential and be the very best they can be. ABQ signed a partnership with Southampton Football Club in 2022 and we are proud and excited to continue with this valuable partnership this academic year.

  • Who is Southampton Football Club?

Southampton F.C. is an English professional football club based in Southampton, England. They are one of the founding members of the Premier League, the top tier of English football.

  • Why did ABQ choose Southampton Football Club?

Southampton Football Club is recognised across the world as a leading authority in youth player development. They have an excellent track record of producing international players using the Southampton Way – focusing on technical skill, dynamic play and entertaining soccer. The Southampton Way includes five values: respect, unity, accountability, creativity, and aspiration, which are in line with ABQ’s values and objectives as a Group.

  • There are stronger clubs in the English football league system, so why Southampton?

Southampton may not be considered a fierce rival in the English football league system, but in the business of training and nurturing talents to become world-class players, Southampton has made its mark. They consistently produce talent to the envy of many of England’s biggest clubs.

  • What are the benefits of being a SFC partner?
    • Coach Education/Player Development Webinars
    • Access to the SFC Curriculum and online resource library
    • Yearly visits to Oman from Southampton F.C. to work with the coaches and players
    • Opportunities for both ABQ staff and registered ABQ Southampton Club members to visit Southampton through SFC’s Player Development Tour Programme
    • ABQ has the rights to host a Southampton Cup in Oman, as well as attend other similar Cups globally.
    • ABQ and Southampton both believe in the unlimited potential of children and this is evident in our shared values and guiding principles.
  • What is special about the SFC Academy?

SFC’s success was built on its rigour and forensic approach to player development. SFC prepares players to perform on the pitch and to thrive in life beyond it. They call it  ‘Turning Potential into Excellence’. This mission is delivered through their unique culture and footballing philosophy – The Southampton Way.

  • Does the Academy replace football as an ECA at school?

Football is offered as an ECA option for all students interested in playing football at school, as well as the Academy. The latter is an elite membership for those students with natural talent, keen interest, the will to succeed and a more advanced skill set.

  • Is the SFC Academy for boys and girls?

Even though we have a few excellent female players in the school, the current numbers do not allow for a dedicated girls’ training group.

  • May anyone join the Academy?

This initiative is based on quality, not quantity. If your child is a keen football player, our Southampton Academy is the right place for them.

  • What is expected of an Academy player?

It is an honour to represent the Academy team, we, therefore, expect students to show commitment and respect toward the coaches and the rest of the team by arriving on time and attending every practice session, wearing the official SFC uniform, being open to the coach’s feedback, show effort and, most importantly, have fun.

  • When is practice and when will the Academy start?

The Academy will practice for a minimum of 2 x 90-minute slots per week, outside of school hours.

  • Who will coach the students?

We have a professional coach running the Southampton Academy at our school and will be supported by passionate staff from our sports department.

  • What will Academy players wear to practice?

The kit can be ordered online for OMR 25 (1x shirt, 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of socks).

  • Is there a cost involved?

OMR 20 once-off registration fee (new members only), OMR 50 per semester and OMR 25 for the kit.

  • How are the students grouped during training?

The students are grouped according to grades.

  • May parents watch the players during practice?

Yes, parents are welcome to watch the players during football practice. This will allow you to see your child’s progress and development.

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