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An ABQ Education

A good education is more than just making good grades. It is the maximum development of students’ intellectual capacities and skills in service to humanity. Achieving academic excellence is a process of both formal and informal education.

Our academic programme is vibrant, cutting-edge, and truly 21st century, focusing on the development of key skills, such as critical and analytical thinking, decision making and problem-solving, resilience and self-control.

We are serious about education and believe in the importance of academic rigour. We do not believe in leaving outcomes to chance.

We realise that it is difficult to measure children’s progress in the early years as independent benchmarking opportunities are limited. This is where ABQ is different. We have incorporated several internal and international benchmarking assessments and academic support systems throughout our students’ educational journey. Parents are given an honest, accurate picture of their child’s academic performance, as well as a personalised action plan to ensure that each student reaches their full potential.

As students move to Secondary School, our world-class academic outcomes in IGCSE, AS, A levels and GED are a testament to our unique and rigorous educational framework. Our schools rank in the Top 200 Cambridge schools in the world. We consistently win most Cambridge Top in Oman awards, and our GED results are outstanding.

We pride ourselves on academic excellence.

The curriculum is very advanced compared to other schools. ABQ has added uniqueness through the introduction of Chromebooks. It has made it very easy for the students to access course material at any time.
Hamid Saif Al Jabri Proud ABQ Parent
As parents, we have actually benchmarked the standard and quality of education at ABQ with other schools, and ABQ stands exceptional in serving the community distinctively in the education stream.
Zahra Mahmood Al Lawati Proud ABQ Parent
I am happy with the school and the PCO service. The school is super professional in taking care of parents and students.
Mohamed - Fakhro Proud ABQ Parent
I chose this school because of its amazing attitude towards the students and the outstanding student support.
Hassan Malallah Al Lawati Proud ABQ Parent
The Education level is top in the county. Well done and keep it up!
Imran Fahmeed Asmatullah Awan Proud ABQ Parent
The staff provide every student with opportunities to develop their self-confidence. The growth spectrum focuses on all aspects of development.
Faisal Moin Proud ABQ Parent
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