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Welcome to the Primary section of ABQ Seeb International School. My name is Steve Phillips and I am the Head of Primary. Along with my two deputies, we are responsible for Primary students’ academic progress and pastoral welfare.

In the Primary school, we aim to establish a love for learning in a nurturing environment to create thoughtful leaders for the future. Our academic programme follows the guidelines as outlined in the international Cambridge and local GED curriculums. Each child’s holistic development is paramount to us, and for this reason we have a variety of after-school sports and clubs for our students to participate in. These include football, basketball, swimming, music, art, robotics and photography. With commitment and support from fully trained and well-experienced staff, each student is guided and encouraged to develop their full potential in all areas of learning. We strive for excellence by preparing our students for learning beyond their school years and assisting them to become enthusiastic lifelong learners.

Our teaching philosophy is moving towards student-centred with a focus on the development of 21st Century skills. This ensures that the school is a positive and happy environment for all our students. Our teachers encourage students to become conscious of transferring their skills and knowledge to more challenging and higher-order thinking contexts.

We believe that our caring environment fosters our students’ educational, physical, social, emotional, and cultural development, giving them a global outlook and allowing them to achieve their maximum potential at an international level during their time with us.

I look forward to welcoming you to the ABQ Seeb family!

Curriculum & Aims

The Cambridge Curriculum helps students to develop thinking and learning skills so that they become:

  • confident
  • responsible
  • reflective
  • innovative and
  • engaged

All of these attributes make our students ready to tackle the demands of tomorrow’s world and capable of shaping a better world for the future.

Pastoral Care

At ABQ Seeb, we believe that good behaviour is the cornerstone of effective education and we aim to ensure that each child is able to learn in a safe and happy environment. Socially acceptable behaviour is the responsibility of each member of our school community and we focus on instilling a positive discipline framework, rather than punishment. We encourage positive behaviour reinforcement by following the concept of “catch them being good”. Our students are rewarded and praised for their academic achievements and efforts, as well as for embodying our school values of Respect, Engagement, Care, Integrity, Perseverance and Engagement.

Educational performance and health are closely linked, and studies have shown that students with better health and well-being are likely to achieve better academic results. We aim to achieve this by focusing on life skills, such as those taught in our highly successful Discovering You Programme (DYP), which is associated with greater well-being and higher achievement. These skills are also fundamental to the development of character and social skills, which will be of critical importance to students later in life. The House System at ABQ Seeb creates a sense of belonging and responsibility towards others in the same House. We currently have four houses: Foxes, Eagles, Oryxes and Falcons. Points are awarded for every positive contribution a House member makes at school.

Unique Programmes

The following adds to a unique educational experience in Primary:

  • Seesaw: A digital portfolio tool for students.
  • Google Classroom: Google Classroom streamlines the sharing of files between teachers and students. This secure platform enriches the learning experience of students and is tailor-made for our ABQ 1:1 devices.
  • MyMaths: This is an online Math platform that helps consolidate concepts that were taught in mathematics class.
  • Reading Eggs: An online reading tool which encourages students to read for golden egg rewards. The game-based design makes sure that students stay engaged and captivated.
  • I Read Arabic: A fun platform that develops a love for Arabic through games, challenges, and thousands of books.
  • Mobeen: Mobeen is an Arabic excellence program that was developed to enhance the Arabic skills of students at ABQ Seeb. The program has been designed to uphold the Omani heritage and traditions.
  • TALA: The Tala assessment provides a standards-based assessment for reading and writing in the Arabic language for children who are mother-tongue speakers of Arabic.
  • GL Assessment: GL Assessment provides the educator with detailed information about the individual needs of a student in English, Mathematics and Science. This information helps us to tailor-make our approach to teaching and learning so that every student’s needs are addressed.
  • CAT4 Assessment: CAT4 is an assessment of developed abilities in areas known to make a difference in learning and achievement – namely verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial reasoning – which provides us with an accurate analysis of potential student achievement. The CAT 4 tests are done in Grade 4.
  • Oxford Reading Tree: The series has a structured, rigorous synthetic phonics programme for early readers. Oxford Reading Tree encourages independent reading as it helps children to build fluency and become self-reliant readers which in turn leads to reading for pleasure.

What makes your section special?

  • Academic-themed weeks – We aim to cultivate a love for learning and regularly host academic-themed weeks to further establish student engagement in the different subject areas.
  • International Week – During this week we celebrate the uniqueness of countries around the world, many of which are represented in our school family.
  • House Competitions – We promote friendly competition and our students regularly compete within their respective Houses on academic, sporting and cultural levels. This creates a sense of community and keeps our students motivated and engaged.
  • Intergrade “Care” initiatives – This is a student-led programme run by our senior students in the Primary school where they embody elements of care and respect for their younger peers. Our Grade 6s enjoy doing this by reading to our KS 1 students and facilitating fun activities for them!
  • International Tours – We annually undertake enrichment tours to further enhance our students’ global citizenship. We have previously toured Switzerland, Italy, Saudi Arabia and UAE.


Our facilities in the Primary section are world-class and include spacious, well-equipped classrooms, a Science lab, indoor multipurpose halls, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, an indoor sports centre as well an outdoor football field and basketball courts.

We have dedicated playgrounds with specific age-appropriate apparatus installed to assist students with their motor learning development during the different stages of their growth.

we care.

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