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Unique Programmes

ABQ schools are shaping the future with our revolutionary approach to learning. Our learning model is based on the principle of developing all students to become the very best they can be and ABQ is always looking for ways to better prepare our students for life after school.

Today, children are looking to experience more from their years in education than ever before. They are seeking skills that not only prepare them for formal exams, but also for life after graduation. We realise that a highly credited curriculum provides a strong foundation, but students need more than this. They also need to develop an inquisitive mind and a compassionate understanding of the world around them, custom-made to fit their unique personalities.

Students who receive a well-rounded education are better prepared for the future as they develop a wider range of knowledge, as well as the 21st-century skills necessary to succeed in life.

The curriculum is very advanced compared to other schools. ABQ has added uniqueness through the introduction of Chromebooks. It has made it very easy for the students to access course material at any time.
Hamid Saif Al Jabri Proud ABQ Parent
We as parents have actually benchmarked the standard and quality of education at ABQ with other schools, and ABQ stands exceptional in serving the community distinctively in the education stream.
Zahra Mahmood Al Lawati Proud ABQ Parent
We are really pleased with the introduction of the Chromebooks. I love the way the teachers are putting in effort and conducting amazing lessons.
Rajeev Bajaj Proud ABQ Parent
Many thanks to the administration and teachers for their effort and hard work. I am happy that my children are studying at ABQ.
Said Mohammed Al Maktumi Proud ABQ Parent
My children are happy and I am completely satisfied with the services offered by the school.
Jhonmar Jose Meneses Proud ABQ Parent
We are happy with the school and the service it provides.
Fadi Fadel Sulaiman Proud ABQ Parent
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