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My name is Hanan Al Hosni and I’m the Head of ABQ Explorer at ABQ Azzan Bin Qais International School. I am thrilled that you have taken the time to learn more about us and all that we have to offer your child.

We inspire in our students a love and desire to learn and grow. Our intimate classroom setting allows teachers to fully understand each child’s learning style, strengths and the areas requiring additional support. The partnership between school and home is vital to the success of our program and we rely on strong communication to accomplish this. While our expanding website will give you a general overview, I encourage you to come for a visit. See for yourself our sprawling campus and have more details from me or one of my team members.


At ABQ Explorer, we are using a unique bilingual programme where all aspects of the British-based International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), are taught in both English and Arabic (50:50).

We are helping your child to grow in a child-centred, activity-oriented atmosphere and aim to inspire them to be highly motivated individuals with a genuine love of learning by giving them the chance to express themselves and learn naturally through hands-on activities. The IEYC has four learning strands:

  • Independence and Interdependence
  • Communicating
  • Inquiring
  • Healthy Living and Physical Well-Being

Our team of International Early Years Educators are dedicated to ensuring that your child has the best start in life.

Pastoral Care

We believe that our students’ well-being is a priority by guaranteeing a safe and loving environment. Our ABQ Explorer students are nurtured and supported by two key members of staff – their Homeroom teacher and the teaching assistant. Each Homeroom teacher is responsible for a small group of students and provides the essential link between home and school.

Each student is seen as a unique individual and we carefully consider the importance of catering to each one’s personality and character. With the guidance of our faculty, students are increasing their awareness of a variety of social behaviours and situations, such as being friends, taking turns, sharing, being fair, and having conflicts. We are emphasizing good behaviour through implementing a merit system. Our on-site school nurse is available all day to provide any medical attention our students or staff may require.

Unique Programmes

At ABQ Azzan Bin Qais International School, our KG students are equipped with an ABQ 1:1 Chromebook which enables them to start their online journey and development from a young age.

They make use of exciting age-appropriate educational applications such as:

  • Seesaw: an online workspace where students and teachers can share activities, photos, presentations and videos
  • Reading Eggs: an exciting literacy programme
  • Mathseeds: a fun and interactive maths programme

What makes ABQ Explorer special?

“Play is the only way in which the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold” – Joseph Chilton Pearce.

We are strong believers in making learning as fun as possible. It is through doing this that our students develop their love for learning and for school at a young age. Each month we have a themed Thursday where students are invited to dress up in clothes related to the theme and special activities and fun events are carried out.

Other unique elements:

  • Our Bilingual programme is 50:50 between Arabic and English
  • Specialist subjects: PE, Art, Music
  • School trips
  • Early drop-off service (6:30 am- 7:35 am)
  • Extended care (13:00pm-15:00pm)


Each of the nine classrooms is set up with different areas including practical life, sensorial, maths, and language, as well as blocks, puzzles, and a reading area. The children spend time with materials that help them develop concentration, coordination, and the work habits necessary for the more advanced exercises. Providing a safe environment for students to grow and learn where they feel their voice is heard has a large impact on their learning and overall well-being. Our classrooms and play areas are well-equipped as welcoming and creative learning spaces to promote and stimulate collaborative learning.

We offer a carefully selected combination of fun and educational learn-through-play activities where the children work with their hands and use their senses to get fully immersed in all aspects of learning. Our students are encouraged to express their creative side through arts and crafts, music and movement, as well as rhythmic fine and gross motor activities. Our ABQ Explorer teachers work closely with the Grade 1 teachers to ensure that each student is equipped with the necessary skills to enable them to flourish in Primary.

we care.

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