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Thank you for your interest and for considering ABQ Azzan Bin Qais International School for your children’s education.

ABQ Azzan Bin Qais International School gives students the opportunity to develop into young adults with the courage and confidence to change the world.

To help our students reach their personal goals and truly benefit from the best education possible, we have a wonderfully supportive staff team, outstanding equipment and facilities, and a welcoming school community.

We are delighted at the prospects of your family joining our school community and look forward to guiding you through the admissions process. Our dedicated admissions team ensures that enrolment is a smooth and easy experience.

The curriculum is very advanced compared to other schools. ABQ has added uniqueness through the introduction of the ABQ 1:1 Chromebooks. It makes it very easy for the students to access course material at any time.
Hamid Saif Al Jabri Proud ABQ Parent
As parents, we have actually benchmarked the standard and quality of education at ABQ with other schools, and ABQ stands exceptional in serving the community distinctively in the education stream.
Zahra Mahmood Al Lawati Proud ABQ Parent
We are very happy. The communication is great. The kids are very happy going to school each day and are enjoying it, so all in all everything is amazing.
Nasr Badr Hamad Al Busaidi Proud ABQ Parent
I am very honoured and grateful for giving my three children an opportunity to study at your prestigious institution, a dream of many aspiring parents and an earnest desire of all hopeful pupils. Your school really stands very tall and apart from all other learning institutions due to its superb teachers, excellent management and an extraordinarily warm and friendly environment.
Ashfaq Khan Proud ABQ Parent
I would like to thank the school members (leaders , teachers, admin, etc.) for all their efforts to provide the best educational experience for our kids.
Abdul Aziz Al Shaqsi Proud ABQ Parent
I am very happy about the school system and the teachers. They are very good, friendly and helped a lot in developing my child's personality. They have been so friendly with her.
Luqman Zafar Ahmed Proud ABQ Parent
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