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ABQ Explorer follows the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), adapted to the specific needs of students living in Oman. The IEYC is a research-based curriculum recognising global best practice in early childhood education and the developmental needs of 2 to 5-year-olds. It enables our students to be challenged at just the right level so that they are fully engaged and develop a keen interest and love for learning.

The IEYC uses holistic enquiry and play-based approaches to cover all curriculum areas, including personal, social, and emotional development. It allows our students to explore and express their learning using the marvellous resources and age-appropriate technology available to them at ABQ Explorer.

How we teach

ABQ Explorers focuses on a process of learning, rather than relying solely on learning outcomes to drive children’s development. Our IEYC process of learning successfully captures children’s natural curiosity as a starting point and balances child-initiated and teacher-enhanced learning within an encouraging environment.

  • The entry point is an activity that begins each unit of work. It is usually a fun, engaging start to the theme. It gets the children excited about what they will learn in a specific unit.
  • Capturing Curiosity allows children to reveal what they already know about the topic, and what they would like to learn about the theme. Their feedback will be used to plan for future learning.
  • Enabling the Environment is the creation of indoor and outdoor spaces to support different types of themed learning.
  • The Big Picture provides children with some context to a specific IEYC unit of learning so that connections can be made between previous and new learning.
  • The Explore & Express parts of the learning process provide lots of opportunities and experiences where children play and learn together.
  • The Exit Point is where children share, reflect, and celebrate what they have learnt.
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