With a unique mentorship program for a 360 degree view

We have developed a market leading mentorship program with a focus on 21st Century skills learning and development predicted on unmatched educational goal setting and career guidance

The Discovering You Program (DYP) is a “personalised education” platform upon which 21st century skills are imparted and instilled within a holistic approach to teaching and learning. It is predicated on the belief that each child deserves to discover who they are academically, creatively, socially and emotionally. DYP develops a bespoke career plan in two phases: Phase one for grades 3 to 7, and Phase two for grades 8 to 12. A 360° holistic report card then measures each student’s academic capabilities benchmarked against 21st century skills that are needed for future enrichment and success in university and beyond! This report card illustrates the way forward in terms of career/aptitude testing, academic requirements for tertiary education (college/university), and aligns these with applicable scholarships and undergraduate programs locally and abroad.

In addition, based on career interests, DYP identifies and engages professional organisations and key people in Oman that can assist and guide students along their journey to academic, creative and career success. The program also provides a concise 6-month action plan that incorporates strategies, resources and outcomes to further guide and assist teachers, parents and learners.


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We recognize the importance of modern well equipped facilities in imparting a wholesome learning experience.

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