Learning Support

Individualized Learning

At ABQ we are committed to individualized learning, to the extent that our school motto is we care. Learning support is, therefore, an integral part of our philosophy. Through our Discovering You mentoring programme, we aim at addressing each student’s unique learning needs in a way that their learning becomes fully personalized.

This means we provide support not only for underachieving students, but also put in place intervention strategies for our top performers.

Extra Lessons

A lot of this is achieved by teachers who plan their lessons in a way that allows for differentiated learning. However, this is not always enough. In addition, we provide extra lessons when we deem it necessary, and again, for all our students, not only those with a lower performance level.

These extra lessons are based on rigorous testing and analysis, along with regular meetings with students and parents where necessary. Our mentoring system is also an intrinsic part of this, and we work in collaboration with parents to achieve our targets.

ABQ Seeb International School - 223

Specialized Learning Support Unit

In each of the schools we also have a separate learning support unit, which even allow us to take individual students, or groups of students, out of class for certain periods and provide them with more specialized tuition. We must, however, clarify that none of our schools are special education schools, nor do we have the resources to provide for students with severe learning disabilities.

As such, our learning support is more based on academic support for individual subjects (like English, Arabic and Mathematics), as well as teaching study skills and helping students find the best way for them to learn. We also believe that our student-centered teaching methodology is better suited to a wider range of learning styles than are more teacher-centered philosophies, as is allows for a much more individualized approach.


Personalized education

Every child is unique and our Discovering You program is designed to get the best out of them.

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