Kindergarten Curriculum

Our kindergarten is a designed specifically for our youngest students. We provide an environment where our students can grow, learn and develop in a safe and fun manner. We aim to allow each student to progress according to their own interests and abilities by using a variety of differentiated teaching methods. Our classrooms are well equipped with purpose build furniture, equipment and educational games which aid in the holistic development of the child. We have devised a unique kindergarten curriculum which integrates the English EYFS (Early Years and Foundation Stage) curriculum with elements of Montessori. We offer a fully bilingual programme where all aspects of the curriculum are taught both in English and Arabic. We place the emphasis on developing language skills and interpersonal relationships in KG1. We do this by focusing on exploring the everyday environment, developing sensory skills and refining fine motor skills. This takes place through the core subjects of English, Arabic and Math.

In KG2 our emphasis shifts to a more academic focus. Students begin to work more on their literacy, communication and language in English and Arabic, their numeracy skills in Math whilst also learning more about the world around them. At the same time the Montessori ethos remains allowing students the opportunity to progress at their own pace. All our KG students also have specialist Music, PE and ICT lessons, whilst our Muslim students also have daily Islamic lessons.

Primary Curriculum

Our primary school follows the Cambridge Primary Programme in English, Math and Science. We also offer Music, Art, PE and ICT where we offer a blended curriculum which fulfils all MOE requirements whilst also drawing on elements of the English National Curriculum. Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Studies follow the MOE curriculum. Students who have been exempted from Arabic subjects take Kalemon, which is an Arabic 2nd language programme, Social Studies in English and either Islamic Studies in English or Global Perspectives.

Students are assessed by a variety of methods through their primary schooling. In order to ensure we are meeting the best international standards students in Grades 3- 6 write Cambridge Progress Tests. In Grade 6 students also write the Cambridge Checkpoint Tests which allow us to benchmark or success against students following a similar curriculum through the world.

Secondary Curriculum

Our secondary school consists of three key stages. At Key Stage 3, Grades 7 & 8, our students study English, Math, Science, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, Geography, ICT, PE, Music and Art. At the end of Grade 8 students sit for Cambridge Checkpoint Tests in English, Math and Science. In Key Stage 4, Grades 9 & 10, students may opt to pursue IGCSE qualifications or alternatively opt to study the Omani GED. On both our pathways students must study the following compulsory subjects Math, English, Arabic, Islamic, Social Studies and P.E. Students who decide to opt for IGCSE also have a range of optional subjects to choose from whilst those pursuing GED must study Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Art, Music and ICT. Students write their IGCSE exams at the end of Grade 10.

Our senior students, can also choose two separate pathways, either A Levels or the Omani GED. Students at this stage of their academic career have a wide variety of subjects to choose from regardless of whether they decide to pursue GED or A Levels. Student opting to study GED must take the following compulsory subjects in addition to 4 options, English, Arabic, Math, Islamic Studies and Social Studies. Throughout the secondary school, students who are exempted from studying Arabic subjects will take Kalemon, which is an Arabic 2nd language programme, Social Studies in English and either Islamic Studies in English or Global Perspectives.


Our school facilities

We recognize the importance of modern well equipped facilities in imparting a wholesome learning experience.


Leadership & Entrepreneurship

We run internationally recognized Leadership and Entrepreneurship programs at our schools.


Awards & Recognition

We pride ourselves on the impressive achievements of our students.

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