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Welcome and greetings from the ABQ Education Group. As the CEO of the company, it gives me immense pleasure to share with you our aspirations and guiding principles as we continue our journey as the largest private school operator in Oman.

At the heart of our endeavor is the paradigm of challenge and response. We are acutely aware of the rapidly changing needs in K-12 education and are constantly raising our game in response to the task at hand. Our thought processes, therefore, run along the following lines.

Change is the only constant

We all live in a world where the pace of change is constantly accelerating. Consequently, our children will face a world that is much more challenging than the one we did. As an education provider, we cannot prepare our kids for this new reality if we do not evolve and change ourselves. This reality of constant change is the fundamental driver Of evolution at ABQ Education Group.

We are aiming much higher

We have always been good at what we do. It has enabled us to become the largest private school operator in Oman. Now we aspire to be great. We have set a higher bar for ourselves. We want to challenge ourselves and our students to become the best we can be.

Faith, trust and confidence

We are very aware of the enormous faith and confidence parents place in us. They have entrusted us with their most precious assets. Their children. Please remain assured that we accept and take this responsibility extremely seriously and this realization guides us in every decision we make – big or small.

Operator Model — The ABQ Way

With over 45 years of cumulative school operating experience and 300+ educators, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in our organization. We are now taking best practices from each of our schools and creating a standardized Operator Model. This means we will now have a common Mission, Vision and Values, Education philosophy, Teaching and Learning framework, technology platform and administrative policies and procedures. The ABQ Way will enable us to assure our students/parents a consistent and sustainable high-quality educational experience. In addition, it will give us a blueprint for structured growth and expansion.

Academic outcomes are paramount

We are determined to get the best out of every child. Academic results drive a child’s career trajectory and opportunities to live a fulfilling life. We have on-board a world class Chief Learning Officer for the academic initiatives and are introducing extra classes and other support mechanisms to ensure that no child is left behind.

21st Century skills

We believe that academic achievement should be complemented by essential character and life skills. A whole child approach. We have adopted the globally recognized 21 st Century Skills program which is basically designed to make sure that every child has the 12 most critical skills that are needed to operate in tomorrow’s world. Every teacher will embed the development of these skills in their lesson plans.

Personalized Education

We also want to recognize the unique skills, talent and aptitude of each child. To this end, in March, we are launching our unique “Discovering You” Program (DYP). It is a mentorship program for Grades 3 to 12 and will incorporate, depending on age, things like academic performance, 21st Century skills assessment, aptitude tests, career field aspirations, career workshops, subject pathways, university and scholarships goal setting, career role-models etc. DYP will have a 12 month action plan shared between mentors, parents and learners. We have recruited a highly skilled and passionate Director of Mentorship Program to ensure a sustainable implementation of DYP.

We Care

The new motto of our schools is We Care. We are determined to show all our stakeholders that we care about them in everything we do. Our most important stakeholders are, of course, the students and parents because they are the reason we exist. Other critical stakeholders we must show care for are our Educators, Regulators, Community and Society and our Shareholders. We believe that our aspirations resonate with our community.

The education of our children is too important a matter to be left to chance. At ABQ Education Group, you can be assured that we will continue steadfastly on this path whilst being open to refining our thinking as facts and circumstances change. We will be delighted to engage with you and explore how we can contribute to your child’s well-being and success.

Kind Regards,

Humayun Kabir

Chief Executive Officer

ABQ Education Group

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