Vision – where are we going?

To become the K-12 education provider of choice in our communities.

Core Values

At ABQ Education Group, we aim to develop well rounded students who leave with a sound understanding of International Business Culture and who are ready to make a positive contribution to the world around us. We specifically hold dear to us the following core values which we believe are fundamental to good and effective citizenship:

  • Believe in the inherent dignity and equality of all people
  • Honour self and others through words and actions
  • Be humble
  • Participate in everything we do with passion
  • Always looking to do things better
  • Willingness to take risks, be innovative, and embrace change
  • Show that we care about things – big and small
  • Understand the circumstances and viewpoints of others
  • Treat others fairly, forgive and celebrate the contributions
  • Stand up for what we believe
  • Be honest and fulfil commitments and promises
  • Demonstrate fairness in our judgments and actions 
  • Develop a strong work-ethic, where we do our best always
  • Be diligent and never give up
  • Treat every setback as a learning opportunity
  • Produce work of the highest quality
  • Be creative, exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and inventiveness
  • Set high standards and personal goals for improvement

Our school facilities

We recognize the importance of modern well equipped facilities in imparting a wholesome learning experience.


Personalized education

Every child is unique and our Discovering You program is designed to get the best out of them.

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