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Our schools have long traditions of academic successes, with many of our former students being admitted to some of the best universities worldwide. We have consistently been among the Omani schools who receive the most external student awards annually, and this year one of our schools was also in the top 2% of all international schools in their A*-A achievements in the IGCSE exams. We are also very proud of our high rates of scholarship achievement, year after year.

Continuous Improvement

However, as part of our continuous improvement across our three schools, we will have an even stronger focus on student attainment and academic achievements in the time to come. We are not content with being among the best schools in Oman. Rather, our aim is to develop into one of the most successful regional schools, and eventually establish ourselves among the best international schools.

Academic and Career Convergence

In addition, we have also introduced a more targeted approach to career development, aiming at providing our students with wider and better choices for scholarships and choice of universities. As we strive to become better, we put equal emphasis on our bilingual and international programmes.

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