Academic pathways

Bilingual Pathway

The bilingual programme follows the Omani curriculum but is taught in English. Both Omani and Non-Omani students can follow this programme.

Upon completion in year 12, students graduate with a General Education Diploma (GED). With the GED, students can apply for, and get admission into, universities in Oman, as well as several other countries.

However, many countries, above all in Europe, will ask for the successful completion of a foundation year in order to admit GED students.

International Pathway

The international pathway consists of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for year 9 and year 10. This programme is entirely based on the Cambridge and Edexcel syllabi, and students normally study six subjects (a minimum of five subjects is required), including Arabic, English, Mathematics and at least two sciences from Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In addition, they can choose from subjects like ICT and business studies.

Upon successful completion of the IGCSE (minimum five subjects with Level 2 passes – C or above), students proceed to the two-year A level programme. Here they will chose four subjects for the first year (AS level), and continue with minimum three subjects for their final year (A2 level).

An A level certificate with minimum three passes (A*-E) will qualify students for university entry in most countries around the world, including Oman.


Educational Frameworks

Our educational framework enables the delivery of a high quality and consistent educational experience.

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