21st Century skills

Our 21st Century skills based “Discovering You” Program draws on the underlying Leadership,
Entrepreneurship and Life skills programs for a holistic view of the child.

Leadership Program

Our Seeb International School (ASIS) is the only school in the region to deliver UK-based Teaching Future Leaders (TFL) Leadership program. The motto of the program is “Serve to Lead”.

The ASIS Leadership program aims to develop the academic and personal character skills needed to be successful in life, so that all students can make the most of their abilities and interests to fulfill their true potential.

The program develops the student throughout their time at ASIS and is delivered by teachers and senior staff. We also engage our House Captains and deputies who take on leadership responsibilities as part of their own development.

Certificates are gained through each school year building a portfolio of teamwork and leadership along with personal qualities and skills. An international qualification issued by the UK Royal Chartered Institute of Management is the ultimate acknowledgment of outstanding leadership both in and out of school.

Entrepreneurship Program

Enabling Enterprise is another UK-based leader we have partnered with to deliver their well respected entrepreneurial skill development program. Enabling Enterprise works to ensure that children and young people develop the enterprise skills, experiences of the world and aspirations to be successful.

The program achieves this by bringing the world of work into the classroom through lesson time projects, challenge days and trips to top businesses. In our Sohar International school we implemented the program and within a short period of time, the students were working through their Lesson-Time Projects including ‘Going Green’, ‘Making News’ and ‘Going Live’.

Students were able to take this learning outside of the classroom to their families and the local community, such as their recycling initiative developed in the Going Green project. Later in the year, students engaged in exciting, fast paced Challenge Days to really test their Enterprise skills and to show that they can take ownership over their learning.

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